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Tattoo Artist, Visual Arts

Tattoo Style Focus: Ta Moko, Blackwork, Engraver, Illustrative


"Ka tirohia au ki aku kapunga, ka whaowhao to ingoa ki roto - each person wears their story, their journey, their wairua, their expresssions. I am where I am supposed to be." - Bronz Cross


Kia ora ko Bronz ahau, he uri o Porourangi. Student of Bachelors of Creative Industries (Visual Arts), Apprentice in Ta Moko Art Body Creative Studio.

Ko Titirangi te maunga
Ko Uawa te awa
Ko Te Rawhero o te whare wananga te marae
Ko Te-Atianga-A-Hauiti te iwi
Tihei mauri ora

Bronz has always been been a creative, self-taught and practising in mixed media. According to Bronz 'Creativity speaks, tattoo speaks, ta moko speaks, and its in this creative language and the process that I find my connection to cultures and their peoples, to my culture'.


Bronz is the first up and coming Ta Moko artist in his whanau, and one of a long line of artists from his iwi. He considers it a privilege, a taonga for him to carry and to pass on this tradition. "Moko te ao", a quote by Mark Kopua, who gave Bronz his first ta moko 15 years ago which meant the world to him because as he was about to leave Uawa, he wanted to take his whanau and iwi with him. Now he considers that he carries them always.

The permanence brings what is unseen to the skin, the surface to be seen. Self expression is healing and tattoo is therapy to me as well, connecting the spiritual to the physical. "My job is to bring what exists in the dark to the light. I love that about moko. My style is ever evolving combining vision and the etching style into my language of designs and into ta moko. I am also practicing these in colour." - Bronz Cross