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Graffiti Street Artist, Graphic Designer, Painter, Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Colourist, Lettering, Graffiti

“If I didn’t try other styles outside of my own, my work wouldn’t have improved. Exploring different styles...it’s how you learn. And I want to be a Master at what I do.” - Italo Holie


"My passion is to draw, create and put my hands in ink." - Italo Holie


Italo Holie is from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and with recognition in his home city, has solely practiced as a creative over the last 16 years specializing in Tattoo, Street Art and Graphic Design.

Holie has been practising tattoo for 7 years, and has worked in several studios in Brazil. In Brazil, he became recognized for participating in tattoo conventions – and has received 6 awards in the categories Best Color and Best of the Event.

During his career to date, Holie has completed artworks commissions for General Motors, Coca Cola Co. and Sprite, Fiat, Master Hotel, private in-home commissions, and murals for Porto Alegre City Hall – two of which were internationally recognized organized street artists events where they collectively painted an entire viaduct in the city, and another the external painting of 4 train cars.

Working in a private school, Holie has also taught as an arts teacher – teaching how to draw, color, and conduct street art workshops. Voluntaliry, he also utilized his creative experience working with at risk youth in high risk poor communities within Porto Alegre.

Holie is currently available for commissions.