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Visual Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Painter, Tattoo Artist, Professional Sportswoman

Tattoo Styles: Black and Grey, Realism, Fineline, Mandala, Dot Work


“I think it’s the challenge...to get something looking exactly like what’s in front of me. And I’m ambitious in everything in life...I like to have a challenge, I like to be able to grow.” - Kate Enoka


Kate Enoka is a full- time Visual Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Tattooist. Kate’s career in the industry has developed enormously over the past three years. She had an interest in design and visual arts throughout her life, beginning her study of graphics and media in 2007 at Sacred Heart College in Lower Hutt, however she only turned this “hobbie” into a career in 2017.


Her main focus after school shifted to her position as a non-funded national Water Polo athlete. Kate’s sporting background allowed her to study abroad for two years in 2012 at Arizona State University. She used this as an opportunity to further her knowledge of creative studies, enrolling herself into Interdisciplinary Studies, covering general Design and Women Gender Studies.


Kate left Arizona State University in 2014 and returned to New Zealand, spending the next few years researching different media and working on an art portfolio. She met Julie Paama-Pengally – well reknown Ta Moko artist in 2018 and was given the opportunity to learn the art of tattoo under her. 

Having completed her apprenticeship and taken part in numerous exhibitions through Julie’s Art + Body Gallery and commissioned pieces for customers nationwide, majority of Kate's current completed commissioned art pieces have been personalised portraits, done with water colour media.


Utilising her unique background in Women Gender Studies, Kate empowers women through creating non-gender specific, non-discriminating designs available for all walks of life.