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Skindigenous Season 2 - Julie Paama Pengelly

Exploring the world of indigenous tattoo, Skindigenous travel the globe in a 13-part documentary series to bring to the world the practitioners of art, techniques, tools, traditions and identity.

Last year, the awesome team from Skindigenous came to Aotearoa with a purpose which included the filming of season 2 bringing us our very own Julie Paama-Pengelly, who Skindigenous describe as:

"Julie is a veteran in the revitalization of ta moko Maori tattooing. Her studio in Mount Maunganui mixes contemporary and traditional designs and cultivates artists from all walks of life.

Julie is one of the first women to practice in the male-dominated field. She is a strong voice for Maori women’s rights and continues to break down barriers to give women a place in ta moko and in the arts."

Credit: Written and directed by Angie-Pepper O'Bomsawin

Julie Paama-Pengelly, Skindigneous, Season 2 Episode 7

You can find more about Skindigenous, including when and where their episodes air at:

Skindigenous Season 2 Trailer:

All content in this post are property of Skindigenous.

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