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Toochi 'Less Than Your Artists Hourly' Bundle

The 'Less than your artists hourly' is exactly what it sounds like, less than the cost of your artists hourly rate - for everything you'll need to take care of your new tattoos


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Toochi's 'Less Than Your Artists Hourly' Bundle is the less than the price of the average hourly tattoo cost so for less than 1 extra hours cost of your Tattoo, you can sit back and fully enjoy your appointment, knowing that it will be pain free, relaxing, and you've got some top quality Tattoo Aftercare products to get you through the pain after the Tattoo is finished too


The bundle includes Toochi:

✔ 3x Tattoo Numbing Cream - The Best Tattoo Numb Cream on the market

✔ Tattoo Bandages (Large Pack - 4x  20x20cm) - To lessen the after pain of the Tattoo, protect your ink, prevent bacteria entering your new tattoo & stop rubbing on clothing

✔ Antibacterial Super Suds - for gentle washing of your new tattoo

✔ Aftercare Balm -  to sooth and care for your new tattoo

✔ Potion Lotion - For long term tattoo care, to keep your tattoos in perfect condition

✔ 1x Temporary Tattoo, for placement testing of your new piece

✔ Full Toochi Tattoo care guide for step by step instructions on how to care for your tattoos

✔ Stickers / Lollipop

Toochi 'Less Than Your Artists Hourly' Bundle

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