27 MAY - 17 JUN 2021



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Tattoo Artist, Visual Artist, Print Media, Graphic Design

Tattoo Styles: Ta Moko

“It doesn’t matter where they’re from or who they are, what walks of life they’re from, a lot of people speak about freedom in their pieces, and I just go down that path with them.” - Redgie Walker-Small

Local  Kai Taa / Tattooer, Redgie Walker-Small was operating out of one of the city's most foremost tattoo studios – Steve Johnson’s City of Ink until the unfortunate fire that destroyed its interior. 

Redgie is back working back along side one of Canterbury's longest established Artists Ross  McPherson at Kaiapoi's very own Skin Show Tattoo.

A personal grievance resonated within him and with that, a shift in direction ensued and a greater appreciation for his culture and Ta moko grew. He has become an expert in designing and tattooing Maori art, gaining experience by examining and learning from his peers; Riki Manuel, Simon Rogers, Aaron Hepi, Ra Koia and Mike Sokolich. As well as developing his style in the art of Māori and Polynesian Tattoo he is expanding his knowledge and work to other cultures such as Celtic, Nordic and is always discovering more art of our worldly ancestors. Redgie puts in soul and countless hours to perfect the art, as is evident in his work. Come and see Redgie for a chat and lay some lines of Soul in your skin and let the process be an empowering one.