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Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Tattoo Artist, Piercer

Tattoo Styles: Neo Traditional, Black and Grey, Colour, Traditional

"I have my preferences, of course, but I'm not here to do what I want. I want to do what the customer wants, and do it well, because they're the ones who have to wear it for the rest of their lives. So, it doesn't really matter what I like, I focus on perfecting what they ask for." - Yu Sun


Sunny was born in China (1992) and came to New Zealand in 2012. Continuing her journey from childhood to learning the arts professionally, in 2008 Sunny undertook part-time studies with art teacher Jianchun Li, in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. Her primary focus of study began with basic realistic style pencil drawing, sketch drawing and watercolor drawing.

By 2010, Sunny took up full-time training in the arts at the YangMei JiuJiu training center in Beijing, and then again later at the Time Art studio where she refined her studies to illustration and design.

Sunny has been a tattooist at Art + Body Creative Studio since 2016 and has since created multiple mediums of artworks including pencil, watercolour, illustration design, and tattoo – and has also undergone professional training as a piercer, performing all piercings to a high standard and maintaining a standard of hygienic practice.

Currently Sunny has a particular passion for coloured or black and grey neo-traditional styles. Humbly understating herself as ‘good’, Sunny achieves a large following of clients, and her focus of fine arts and attentions to detail leave her outstanding in illustration and custom tattoo design.