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Ta Moko Practitioner

"Moko to me is more than a tattoo, its a language of its own - the importance of it is not just in its appearance of being Maori, but its in the symbolism of the designs that connect the tupuna to the wearer, and the artist to the kaiwhiwhi." - Julious Mora

Kia ora e te whanau

Ko Julious Mora toku ingoa

Ko Tainui raua ko aotea oku waka

Ko Kakepuku raua ko Ruapehu oku maunga

Ko Piuniu raua ko Mangawhero oku awa

Ko Ngati Maniapoto raua ko Te Atihaunui a Paparangi oku iwi

Ko Ngati Paretekawa raua Ngati Ruwai oku hapu

Ko Mangatoatoa raua ko otoko oku marae

Julious does not keep readily made designs as this is not part of the process of ta moko as each piece is and should be custom designed to the individual. Each design is designed for the client which represents their unique lineage and family, life experiences, triumphs and tribulations. They may also represent healing that has taken place or a beloved family member who has passed on.

If you are interested in undergoing the process for your own piece, please feel free to contact Julious directly.

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