Art + Body Creative Studio offers quality art and design services including custom professional body artistry.

Our artists have diverse professional training and offer a range of art creative specialties. They create art for sale, commissioned art, interior and exterior large projects as well as consultant services.

Our experienced artists offer tattoo specialties in traditional, ta moko, handtap and handpoke, colour, black and grey tattoo, neo-traditional, realism, traditional and sacred geometry.

We also offer professional body piercing.



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Ta Moko Practitioner, Cultural Artist, Writer, Painter

Tattoo Styles: Ta Moko, Ta Tatau, Fineline, Custom Maori, Body Suits, Ornamental, Mauri Moko

“Moko to me is a process of connecting each of us through its practice, to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, so that their mana and mauri may become centred within our personal spiritual self” - Julie Paama-Pengelly

Julie (Jules) has 30 years experience with ta moko and has been active as an artist for 40 years. Her post-graduate qualifications in third world development and maori visual arts uniquely positions her understanding of maori art as a cultural practice with the ability to heal trauma.


Jules has firm foundations within customary (traditional) maori techniques and design but as a progressive multimedia artist, is always challenging the development of ta moko.

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Nuku Women




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Graffiti Street Artist, Graphic Designer, Painter, Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Colourist, Lettering, Graffiti


“If I didn’t try other styles outside of my own, my work wouldn’t have improved. Exploring different styles...it’s how you learn. And I want to be a Master at what I do.” - Italo Holie


"My passion is to draw, create and put my hands in ink." - Italo Holie

Italo Holie is from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and with recognition in his home city, has solely practiced as a creative over the last 16 years specializing in Street Art, Graphic Design and Tattoo.

Holie has been practising tattoo for 7 years, and has worked in several studios in Brazil. In Brazil, he became recognized for participating in tattoo conventions – and has received 6 awards in the categories Best Color and Best of the Event.



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Designer, Illustrator, Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Styles: Aquarell, New School, Blackwork

"Its nature...I draw and I've worked with art since I was a kid. So, it's kind of natural...something I wanted to do all my life..." - Lucas Vargas


Lucas Vargas grew up in southern Brazil, and graduated in design at the Superior School of Publicity and Marketing (Brazil) in 2013. Lucas worked with art direction for six years and, in 2017, started his studies in tattoo art.


His tattoo style contemplates application of colors, blackwork and fineline.



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Tattoo Artist, Visual Arts

Tattoo Style Focus: Ta Moko, Blackwork, Engraver, Illustrative


"Ka tirohia au ki aku kapunga, ka whaowhao to ingoa ki roto - each person wears their story, their journey, their wairua, their expresssions. I am where I am supposed to be." - Bronz Cross


Bronz has always been been a creative, self-taught and practising in mixed media. According to Bronz 'Creativity speaks, tattoo speaks, ta moko speaks, and its in this creative language and the process that I find my connection to cultures and their peoples, to my culture'.


Tattoo Artist, Kai Whakairo, Maori Carver, Visual Arts

Tattoo Style Focus: Ta Moko

"Our tipuna before us are always pushing us forward, they've done it before, so they're tapping us on the shoulder and telling us to carry it on." - Joseph Houia


Tauranga based artist, Joseph Houia, has been honing his skills in Ta Moko under the guidance of established Ta Moko artist Julie Paama-Pengelly for over a year but his love and talent for art has been lifelong.



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Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Styles: Blackwork, Fineline, American Traditional, Anime/Manga

"I gain motivation from working alongside talented artists and exploring new styles and ways of creating tattoo artwork. I also enjoy creating beautiful pieces for people to wear for the rest of their days." - Bjorn Peach

Guest Artist Bjorn Peach or "Peachy Boi" here in Art + Body Creative Studio from Calypso Tattoo, Wellington.

You can check out more and book with Bjorn Peach at:







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Ta Moko Pracitioner, Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Styles: Ta Moko

"Moko to me is more than a tattoo, its a language of its own - the importance of it is not just in its appearance of being Maori, but its in the symbolism of the designs that connect the tupuna to the wearer, and the artist to the kaiwhiwhi." - Julious Mora

Julious does not keep readily made designs as this is not part of the process of ta moko as each piece is and should be custom designed to the individual. Each design is designed for the client which represents their unique lineage and family, life experiences, triumphs and tribulations. They may also represent healing that has taken place or a beloved family member who has passed on.

If you are interested in undergoing the process for your own piece, please feel free to contact Julious directly.

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Ta Moko Pracitioner, Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Styles: Ta Moko

“It doesn’t matter where they’re from or who they are, what walks of life they’re from, a lot of people speak about freedom in their pieces, and I just go down that path with them.” - Redgie Walker-Small



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Glass Artist, Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Style Focus: New School

"The more I tattoo the more I realise it’s an art that builds connections - not just in the trust built between client and artist, but I believe it is something like a bridge that connects race, colour and language." - Sammy Teng

Since June 2019, Sammy has undertaken a intensive tattoo apprenticeship here at Art + Body Creative Studio, including undertaking training in professional piercing.

Sammy is currently developing his art skills and focusing particularly in New School tattoo style.





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Tattoo Artist, Designer, Illustrator

Tattoo Styles: Ta Tatau, Ta Moko

“I’ve had my whole life where I’ve been able to live off my creativity. But now, it’s more to do with understanding the bigger picture, which is the restoration process...It’s essentially a lifetime devotion to that.” - Stormy Kara


Stormy Kara is from the Cook Islands and is based out of Pacific Ink's Kareha Art Studio in Tumutevarovaro (or more commonly known as Rarotonga). Stormy is an internationally travelling artist in the revitalization of Pacific Ta Tatau, educating those around her about ta tatau, ta moko and history of the Cook Islands.

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Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Tattoo Artist, Piercer

Tattoo Styles: Neo Traditional, Black and Grey, Colour, Traditional

"I have my preferences, of course, but I'm not here to do what I want. I want to do what the customer wants, and do it well, because they're the ones who have to wear it for the rest of their lives. So, it doesn't really matter what I like, I focus on perfecting what they ask for." - Yu Sun


Continuing her journey from childhood to learning the arts professionally, in 2008 Sunny undertook part-time studies with art teacher Jianchun Li, in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. Her primary focus of study began with basic realistic style pencil drawing, sketch drawing and watercolor drawing.

Currently Sunny has a particular passion for coloured or black and grey neo-traditional styles. Humbly understating herself as ‘good’, Sunny achieves a large following of clients, and her focus of fine arts and attentions to detail leave her outstanding in illustration and custom tattoo design.






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Senior Barber

As well as being highly recommended for his craft, hence the name Big Friendly Barber, Nate is all three – a holy trifecta in the Barbering industry.

Find more from Nate at www.instagram.com/big_friendly_barber




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Graphic Design Graduate, Project Management

Studio Manager

“I get to learn about and submerse myself in culture everyday – since coming to work on the events of Te Tuhi Mareikura Trust, not only do I get to help indigenous cultures across the world assert their voices, learn, share and grow – they’ve also taught me a lot more about myself in many ways, more than they know, simply because I get up and do the mahi everyday.” - Chontelle Hohaia


Born in Auckland and from the Far North, Chontelle Hohaia is a 2018 graduate who majored Graphic Design in the Bachelor of Creative Industries at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology – utilizing the influences of her culture and environment to make ordered sense of her creative practice.