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A copy of our aftercare instructions will be provided to you following your tattoo and/or piercing. Alternatively, you can download a .pdf copy to your device here.

You can also find a .jpg version in our Contact FAQ section.




Whats the point of a consent form? Well its a legal document that provides your coherent permission for our artists and piercers to undergo the procedure which follows - a tattoo or piercing. Its also an agreement between You, Your Artist and/or Piercer, and Art + Body Creative Studio - you provide a response to a series of questions, including a health declaration, and we provide you information about our procedures. And of course, we'll answer any other questions you might have concerns about.

Here you'll find a downloadable copy of that document so you can see just what your signing and understand the questions which will be asked of you.

Last updated 16 March 2020


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